Let's get dressed up and go out on the town dahling!

I've been sewing 14+ hours a day for months. Opportunities are pouring in so it's so worth it. If you see a set that you can't live without, you better grab it now! Remember, each set is One-Of-A-Kind!!! I'm getting ready to do a couple of expos and a few trunk shows so I plan to have an empty shop by December 1st. Go to the "Shop" tab to get your original designer suit set for your dog today!
I'm getting ready for the Super Zoo convention in Las Vegas. I'm not going as a vendor. I'm just going to network. I'm hosting a happy hour on September 11 with LuxeMutt at THEHotel. We have Frenchie Winery sponsoring the event! Yay! Downtown Dog has a sponsor for it's very first event!!!!!
 I'm working on my photography for my product shots for my Etsy.com store. I would love it if you would check out the photos and offer any comments on what I can do to improve them?

100% Worsted Wool grey stripped jacket made in the USA by C & R Clothiers. 100% silk bow tie. Sourced in Hollywood, CA and upcycled in Los Angeles, CA.
It's important in building a new brand that you have a well thought out theme that provides your potential customers with a cohesive product line. With that in mind, I decided on using only men's suit, ties and belts and shooting product shots in various downtown locations or texture backgrounds. Being eco friendly or green is important to me so I decided to upcycle wherever possible. By making these kinds of decisions, you can have more freedom to be creative because you have limited your focus. That sounds weird, but it's true. When you have too many choices, it can be mind bottling and overwhelming. When I made these important style decisions, my choices in colors, fonts, and backgrounds became that much easier.