I've been an entrepreneur all of my adult life. This blog will document my latest adventure in starting up a business. If you want to learn about doing your own start up or you're a friend or family member, thanks for finding me. You are my focus group! Please comment and check in often! 

I have always loved dogs. I think they're the most amazing animals. Maybe it's the unconditional love that they bring into our lives. I'm so happy that the rest of America feels the same way. In 2011 Americans spent $55 BILLION on their pets and most of it was on dogs! So it's a huge market and growing even in this economy. That's a good place to start.

I haven't always loved sewing. It became a necessity because I was unusually tall and thin as a child. Back then, it wasn't normal or cool to be too thin. Clothing manufacturers thought that if you were tall, you were also big. I also have very long legs and arms. Nothing on the rack fit me. So I begged my mother to get me a sewing machine. I quickly learned the skill and made most of my clothes. I remember one time in English class in high school we had an assignment to write about a fellow student and then we guessed who it was. The student that wrote about me talked mostly about how cute my clothes and style were. 

Upcycling is in my genes! I never met my grandmother because she died way before I was born. She raised 11 children mostly by herself as a seamstress. Materials were hard to find during the war and the depression so she would often take second hand men's suits, deconstruct them, and turn them into something new and beautiful. She was an amazing woman and lived a very difficult life

I hadn't really ever thought about how clever and creative it was of her to upcycle. I grew up thinking it was just about poverty and sadness. But now I realize what a brilliant designer she must have been. 

Upcycling for me now isn't a question of finances but of taking care of our earth. It's also a design element. So I decided to start a dog clothing line with upcycled men's suits, ties, and belts. 

The line will be called Downtown Dog and will be at least 90% upcycled materials. I'm going to start with just male dog clothing and XS, S, and M sizes. Right now I'm working on getting the patterns right and sourcing all the materials. I'm going to sell on Etsy.com and reach out to high end boutiques for wholesale accounts. Etsy has a huge library of online labs that make it easy to jump in and put your best foot forward for success. I've been watching HOURS of their videos. Stay tuned! I'll be posting lots of pictures and developments.
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