I don't have a product ready for market yet so why am I blogging and setting up a social network now? I've found through experience that social networks are hard to build. There is so much content out there in cyber space and so the competition is fierce. The sooner you get started, the better in my opinion. 

I'm selling a handmade eco friendly product so these are the social networks that I've decided to work on:

Facebook: I'm using Facebook because it's HUGE (now) and I am very comfortable with it. I have around 1200 friends already on my personal page so I'm hoping that I can bring some of them over to my product page.

Etsy.com: This is not only a community but a place for a virtual store. They have respectable sales and traffic.

Pinterest.com: You have to get an invitation to use Pinterest which I just received so I haven't done anything on the site yet.

I think that any start up will take you in directions that you never imagined. Having a following early isn't just important for future sales, but for having a dedicated focus group that will help minimize the bumps along the way.

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